President’s Welcome

Welcome to Patten University! If you are seriously considering Patten, there are a few important things you should know about us. First, Patten’s mission is “to provide high quality, accessible and affordable undergraduate and graduate education that integrates leadership and service to inspire students to engage in community and global transformation.”

Patten is deeply grounded in a Liberal Arts education that is complemented by a commitment to social justice and community service. Recently, Patten became part of the UniversityNow ( network of innovative and affordable universities. I sincerely believe the relationship between Patten and UniversityNow is best captured by the term “social entrepreneurship.” David Bornstein, in his book titled “How to Change the World,” defines a social entrepreneur as: “… one obsessive individual who sees a problem and envisions a new solution, who takes the initiative to act on that vision, who provides the energy and sustained focus to overcome the inevitable resistance, and who – decade after decade – keeps improving, strengthening, and broadening that vision until what was once a marginal idea has become a new norm.” This is our vision for each of our students.

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned working adult who is eyeing a promotion or a career transition, or a recent high school graduate at the beginning of your career, I sincerely believe that you will find Patten to be an excellent option. And, if you choose Patten, we are committed to ensuring that you receive:

  1. A high quality postsecondary education in your area of interest;
  2. A relatively debt free experience; and
  3. A degree that will give you the confidence and financial freedom to pursue any career or endeavor of your choosing.

Thank you for attending or considering Patten, and we wish you the best!

Dr. Thomas Stewart