Bachelor of Arts – Management

Concentration: Leadership

The Bachelor of Arts in Leadership degree program prepares students to:
  • Use a portfolio assessment and data analysis to measure organizational strengths, needs and outcomes necessary for success in a competitive environment.
  • Apply a variety of organizational and business leadership strategies based on changing contexts in economic and operating situations.
  • Demonstrate sound principles and practices in business law and ethics.
  • Apply a working knowledge of the principles and practices of managerial economics and finance, human resource leadership, strategic planning, marketing, public relations and business development.
  • Demonstrate in a business plan-related capstone project mastery of balanced reasoning and analysis using research methodology and depth and breadth of degree program knowledge.

The Bachelor of Arts in Management major is a traditional business degree program designed for individuals desiring to gain the knowledge, skills and perspectives that will enable them to become effective managers in an organization or business.

The Leadership concentration provides additional coursework in organizational dynamics, conflict management, teamwork, and psychology, preparing graduates for leadership in a variety of settings.

Recommended Degree Path Campus Online
PSS100 - Academic Strategies
COM146 - Communication
CIS101 - Computer Literacy
ART220 - Introduction to Film
ENG101A - Reading and Composition
MTH115 - College Algebra
MGT303 - Management Theories and Practices
PSY221 - Psychology
ENG101B - Critical Thinking, Reading & Writing
BIO151 - Introduction to Biology
BUS109 - Financial Accounting I
ENG204 - Interdisciplinary Reading, Writing & Research
HIS227 - Ancient World History
SOC230 - Sociology
POL241 - American Government
PSC152 - Physical Science
PHL263 - Social Ethics
BUS220 - Microeconomics
PHL271 - Philosophy
MGT407 - Managerial Economics
MTH135 - Statistics
MGT409 - Managerial Finance
ENG348 - Modern American Literature
MGT305 - Research Methodology
PHY154 - Physics I with Lab
MGT301 - Leadership in Organizations and Business Management
HIS101 - American History I
MGT304 - Organizational and Business Communication
SSC304 - World Religions
MGT313 - Business Law and Ethics
MGT408 - Marketing Management
MGT410 - Human Resources Management
MGT411 - Strategic Planning
LDR364 - Organizational Dynamics
LDR471 - Conflict Management
LDR472 - Mentoring and Team Leadership
LDR481 - Principles and Practice of Leadership
PSY421 - Social Psychology
PSY476 - Counseling
MGT499 - Capstone Experience
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