Bachelor of Arts – Liberal Studies

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Liberal Studies program is a general education degree with an emphasis on the social sciences and pre-teaching skills. This is an elementary subject-matter preparation program approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). It is recommended for students who want to become teachers in elementary schools or students who are interested in a general arts and sciences background.

Recommended Degree Path Campus Online
PSS101 - Pathways to Student Success
BIO151 - Introduction to Biology
CIS101 - Computer Literacy
ART211 - Art History and Appreciation
COM146 - Communication
ENG101A - Reading and Composition
ENG101B - Critical Thinking, Reading & Writing
COM110 - Intro to Mass Communication
HIS227 - Ancient World History
ENG202 - Literature
HIS340 - World History
MTH115 - College Algebra
PHL271 - Introduction to Philosophy
POL241 - American Government
PSC152 - Physical Science
PSY221 - Psychology
SOC230 - Sociology
ENG309 - Theory of Composition
ANT220 - Cultural Anthropology
ART313 - Art for Teachers
EDU401 - Goals and Philosophy of Physical Education
EDU490 - Practicum in Elementary Education
ENG320 - World Literature
HIS320 - History of California
HIS325 - The American Experience
LNG311 - Introduction to Linguistics
MTH240 - Topics in Math
MUS212 - Music Appreciation
PHL363 - Social Ethics
PSY355 - Child Growth and Development
MTH135 - Statistics
HIS101 - American History I
HIS214 - Human Civilization II
ENG348 - Modern American Literature
ENG204 - Interdisciplinary Reading, Writing, & Research
PSY389 - Cross Cultural/Ethnic Issues
PSY421 - Social Psychology
PSY476 - Counseling
OGM305 - Research Methodology
CLD471 - Conflict Management
CMN481 - Principles and Practice of Leadership
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