Bachelor of Arts – Music & Worship Leadership

The Music & Worship Leadership major is an excellent course of study for the singer, musician or worship leader who desires training in: music ministry, principles of leadership and worship music, music studies and performance, and music ensembles that excel in both contemporary and traditional styles. This 41-unit major includes 33.5 units of coursework, 4 units of ensembles and 3.5 units of Applied Music instruction. Eighteen units (6 courses) can be earned online as part of our Music Worship Leadership concentration.


The prerequisite for the Music and Worship Leadership major is demonstration of proficiency in Music Fundamentals and Piano Proficiency exams. Students who plan to major in music but who have little piano background should enroll in MUS 139 (Class Piano).

Senior Project Requirements

The music and worship major degree program culminates in two parts: a Senior Project and Senior Thesis presentation. The Senior Project may be in the form of a recital demonstrating performance standards in an applied area and/or worship leading; or an organizational project demonstrating music leadership in the church or community.

The Senior Thesis is required of all Patten University graduates and involves a research paper of at least ten pages on an approved thesis statement. The summary of the paper is presented in a ten minute oral presentation before faculty and students.

Ensemble and Applied Requirements

All students majoring in Music and Worship Leadership are required to enroll in 8 semesters of music ensemble: MUS 125 Patten Symphonette, MUS 131 Patten Singers, MUS 191 Jazz Combo, MUS 172 Worship Team or MUS 161 Chamber Music. Students on music scholarship are required to enroll in four additional semesters of ensemble for a grade of Pass/Fail. Students must commit to both the fall and spring semesters of an ensemble. Students are required to study voice, piano or their major instrument for 8 semesters. A one hour private lesson is required weekly. Each music student is charged an extra tuition fee for Applied Music instruction. A one hour private lesson is optional for an additional fee. Music juries are held each semester during " finals week. Patten University is not required to provide an accompanist.

Music & Worship Leadership Major Core Requirements Campus Online
MUS143-498 - Applied Instruction
MUS000 - Ensemble
MUS121 - Practical Music Theory I
MUS122 - Practical Music Theory II
MUS217 - Practical Ear Training
MUS335 - Conducting Fundamentals
MUS367 - Ministering Through Music: Concepts of Worship
MUS369 - Contemporary Music: Music Since 1900
MUS420 - Praise Band
MUS421 - Worship Team Techniques
MUS475 - Worship Music Literature
MUS483 - Foundations of Church Music
MUS498 - Applied Instruction/Senior Project
MUS499 - Worship Lab
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