Bachelor of Arts – Organizational Management

Concentration: Public Relations

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Organizational Management major is a traditional business degree program designed for individuals desiring to gain the knowledge, skills and perspectives which will enable them to become effective and creative leaders and managers in an organization or business. This is the appropriate major for students intent on participating in the challenges of the expanding business market and community agency leadership.

Recommended Degree Path Campus Online
PSS101 - Pathways to Student Success
BIO151 - Introduction to Biology
CIS101 - Computer Literacy
ENG204 - Interdisciplinary Reading, Writing, & Research
COM146 - Communication
ENG101A - Reading and Composition
ENG101B - Critical Thinking, Reading & Writing
ENG309 - Theory of Composition
ENG348 - Modern American Literature
HIS227 - Ancient World History
HIS101 - American History I
HIS214 - Human Civilization II
MTH115 - College Algebra
MTH135 - Statistics
POL241 - American Government
PSC152 - Physical Science
PSY221 - Psychology
SOC230 - Sociology
COM346 - Advertising Copywriting
COM358 - Public Relations Communication
OGM301 - Leadership in Organizational and Business Management
OGM303 - Management Theories and Practices
OGM304 - Organizational & Business Communication
OGM305 - Research Methodology
OGM313 - Business Law and Ethics
COM388 - Advertising, Public Relations, and Media Management Practices
OGM408 - Marketing Management
COM488 - Communications Campaigns
OGM410 - Human Resources Management
OGM411 - Strategic Planning
BA271 - Macroeconomics
BA316 - Managerial Accounting
BA322 - Management Information Systems
BA375 - Ethical Decision Making
BA436 - International Business
CLD364 - Organizational Dynamics
CLD471 - Conflict Management
CLD472 - Mentoring and Team Leadership
CMN481 - Principles and Practices of Leadership
COM110 - Intro to Mass Communication
OGM 414 - Integrated Management Project
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