Bachelor of Arts – Pastoral Studies

The Pastoral Studies major is appropriate for students who are preparing to serve as pastors, evangelists or as members of a pastoral sta! . It is especially suitable for those whose denominations accept the B.A. degree for ordination. The major consists of the 18 unit Christian Ministries Core and 21-semester units in theoretical and applied studies. Principal aims are to provide each student with a broadly based Christian education in an environment that is conducive to social, intellectual and spiritual growth, and to prepare him/her for pastoral ministry or seminary studies.

Pastoral Studies Major Core Requirements Campus Online
PST365 - Introduction to Apologetics
PST367 - Pastoral Care
PST368 - Principles of Church Growth
PST463 - Homiletics
PSY476 - Counseling
THE423 - Survey of Historical Theology
THE475 - Hermeneutics
CMN101 - Dynamics of Christian Ministry
CMN324 - Intercultural Ministry
CMN481 - Principles & Practices of Leadership
PST461 - Theology of Ministry
CMN499 - Internship
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