California Teaching Credential

Single Subject

The California Teaching Credential programs are specialized post-baccalaureate programs for those who wish to teach in Kindergarten through 12th grade in public and private schools in the state of California. The programs are designed to include all of the requirements mandated by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. The Single Subject Teaching Program is a program for those who want to pursue a preliminary credential that authorizes you to teach a designated subject in a departmentalized setting. This includes almost all high school teaching positions as well as many middle school positions.

Recommended Degree Path Campus Online
EDU575 - Professional and Legal Foundations
EDU577 - Educational Assessment and Learning
EDU578 - Introduction to the Teaching of Reading for Single Subject Candidates
EDU582 - Curriculum and Instruction (Single Subject)
EDU583 - Classroom Observation, Participation and Management
EDU584 - Multicultural Seminar
EDU587 - Theories and Methods of Teaching English in a Diverse Setting
EDU588 - Advanced Curriculum and Instruction
EDU590/591 - Supervised Student Teaching/Intern Practicum
EDU594 - Educating the Exceptional Child
EDU596 - Health Education for Classroom Teachers
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