Master of Arts – Education

Specialization: Education Leadership

The Master of Arts (MA) degree in Education is designed for those who desire advanced preparation in the foundations of human learning, effective instructional design and assessment, education of culturally and linguistically diverse students, and strong educational leadership, so important to today's advanced education professionals. The Master of Arts in Education program is committed to education excellence for our emerging leaders of the 21st century. This commitment is reflected in our program design to provide intensive study of theories and practices in Educational Leadership.

Recommended Degree Path Campus Online
EDU575 - Professional and Legal Foundations
EDU577 - Educational Assessment and Learning
EDU581/582 - Curriculum and Instruction
EDU601 - Research Writing and Evaluation in the Classroom
EDU602 - Values and Ethics in Educational Settings
EDU603 - Research Seminar I
EDU631 - Leadership of Learning and Teaching
EDU632 - Human Resources
EDU633 - Legal, Financial, and Operational Elements in School Leadership
EDU634 - The Effective Communicator
6 Units of Electives approved by the Advisor
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