Master of Business Administration – Health Care

The Master of Business Administration degree program prepares students to:

  • Distinguish the key features of each business function
  • Evaluate how changes to an organization’s knowledge systems can improve performance
  • Lead others in order to meet organizational goals
  • Assess the financial health of an organization using accounting methods
  • Create marketing strategies to meet customer needs
  • Provide information to enable an organization to maximize financial performance
  • Evaluate business situations from legal, ethical, and regulatory perspectives
  • Predict how changes in the international economic environment will affect an organization
  • Propose strategies to improve an organization’s competitive position

The Master of Business Administration is a professional degree recognized across all industries. Students first participate in an integrated curriculum examining the functional areas of business, then personalize management knowledge and skills by selecting a concentration.

The Health Care concentration provides additional coursework in health care management, health care finance, and the legal and ethical issues that are specific to health care, preparing graduates to take on management roles in a variety of health care settings.

Recommended Degree Path Campus Online
MBA500 – MBA Foundations
MBA600 – Decision Analysis
MBA605 – Leadership and Organizational Behavior
MBA610 – Managerial Accounting
MBA615 – Marketing
MBA620 – Managerial Finance
MBA625 – Business Law and Ethics
MBA630 – The Global Economy
MBA635 – Strategic Management
MBA655 – Health Care Management
MBA670 – Health Care Finance
MBA675 – Legal and Ethics Issues in Health Care