On-Campus Tuition

At Patten University, we take pride in having what is possibly the lowest tuition rate for a private university in the country.

The table below presents the on-campus tuition for each term, covering from a single credit up to 18 credits for undergraduate study and up to 9 credits for graduate study. Requests to take additional credits in a term can be made following guidelines available from the Registrar’s Office, and there is no additional charge for studying online in addition to on-ground at Patten University.

Domestic Students

Graduate (1 – 9 credits) $1,996
Teacher Credential Program (1 – 15 credits) $2,396

A Campus Fee of $400 per semester is required of all domestic campus students. Additional fees may apply and textbooks are not included in campus tuition. For additional information, please contact Admissions at 1-888-958-2089.

International students applying for admission should contact the Admissions department for information about tuition and fees, as well as for assistance in the application process.

Financial Aid

Patten University has chosen not to participate in Federal and State Financial Aid programs, choosing instead to drastically reduce the price of attendance at our institution. This means that traditional Financial Aid is not available at Patten, and students must secure a way to pay tuition and fees other than the traditional grants and loans that result in significant debt for most college students today. Limited scholarships and some Work/Study positions are available to help students pay for their education at Patten. Information on these programs is available from the offices of Student Experience.

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Questions? Contact our Admission’s Department at 1-888-958-2089 for more information.