Study Voice: Bright Future For Ashley White

Ashley White Discusses Why Earning a Master's Degree Online Was Important To The Family

As an Orange County Deputy Sheriff, Justin White knew having his Master’s Degree would help position him for long-term success. But with long work hours and a wedding to plan, he and his wife, Ashley thought it would be hard to find a program to fit into their busy lives.

How did you and your husband choose Patten?
He was researching potential schools for earning his MBA in Strategic Management. He came across Patten and said “Ashley this MBA program offers exactly what I need. It’s flexible AND more affordable than the other accredited online colleges”.

Why was affordability important?
Justin was very doubtful that he would ever get his Master’s Degree without going into debt. Then he found out that his employer had a tuition assistance / reimbursement program. Patten’s tuition was low enough that his tuition assistance covered most of the cost, so we did not need any student loans and he was able to graduate debt-free.

What is your outlook on the future?
With Justin having a Master’s Degree, it not only benefits him as an employee but also us as a family. Now he will be able to increase his earning potential and move into positions that would have never been possible without his MBA. I am very very proud of him.

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