The Inspiring Reason So Many Working Adults Are Returning To School

adult students

Working adults are returning to school in record numbers. With college enrollment up for students of all ages, the highest growth rate is within the 25 to 34-year-old range. The National Center for Educational Statistics reports that a number of students in the 25 – 34 age group has grown 52 percent from 1998 to 2012 and is projected to grow another 23 percent by 2023.

These students once classified as “non-traditional”, many with families and careers are emerging as the

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Dr. Thomas Stewart: The Changing Landscape of Higher Education 

Dr. Thomas Stewart

This article is based on a 2016 interview with Dr. Thomas Stewart, President of Patten University. As an advocate for high quality yet affordable higher education, Dr. Stewart has a unique history and an interesting perspective on enabling students to reach higher educational goals. He became president of Patten University in July 2013, and has since worked with all University stakeholders to maintain accreditation standards and improve educational programs

In this interview, Dr. Stewart shares his passion and his commitment to

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3 Tips for Balancing Work and School as an Adult Student

tips for work, school, and life balance for online college students

Our economy demands skilled and educated professionals. Today’s workforce is increasingly becoming a knowledge economy, with more and more positions requiring specialized degrees. Because of this, it’s no surprise that more and more working adults are making the choice to go back to school and earn a degree while continuing to work.

Here at Patten University, we specialize in providing online education to working adults who are looking to take the next steps in their careers. Many of our students

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Secrets of Effective Study and Work from Home

tips for effective work and study from home

Technology and the internet have transformed the way modern professionals work and study. More and more people are now working and studying from home. The benefits of this lifestyle are obvious: saving time commuting, having a flexible schedule, and connecting with people and programs without geographical limitations.

Despite the amazing power of online work and study, it isn’t always easy for many people to make the transition from a physical classroom to a digital classroom. Without the pressure of colleagues,

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4 Tips for Succeeding in School as a Working Professional

online college success for adult students

In today’s dynamic and evolving workplace, skills and education are the most important elements of success. That’s why more and more working professionals are choosing to go back to school, invest in themselves, and work towards a better future.

The rise of online college and education opportunities has made adult education more accessible than ever before. To improve your education, it’s no longer necessary to leave your job and attend a physical classroom. Instead, adults can continue to work while

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Do You Need a Degree to be an Entrepreneur?

online college degree for business owners and entrepreneurs

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a rise in the public’s exposure to the entrepreneurial path. The game-changing success of Facebook and other huge internet startups has brought the concept of starting a business into everyone’s mind. Even pop culture is starting to catch on, with shows like HBO’s Silicon Valley creating further awareness and entrepreneurial ambition in many people.

Of course, you don’t need to be Mark Zuckerberg to start a business. Most startups are just the ordinary businesses

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Finally An Antidote To The Student Loan Debt Problem


The New Proprietary Online Learning Model To Offer Fully Accredited, Postsecondary Education To Busy Adults — Minus the Direct Loan Debt.

THE PROBLEM IS WELL KNOWN, and the personal stories that follow are often tough ones, with a narrative that has become all too familiar.

College tuition costs have skyrocketed over the last twenty years, and the accompanying student loan debt has increased dramatically, financially shackling young adult graduates and too often delaying individual dreams. But what happens when an educational company

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Need a New Career? 3 Growing Fields Today’s Students Should Explore

growing career fields for online college students

These days, economic change seems to be happening faster than ever. From the “great recession” of 2008, to the explosion of the IT and social media sectors, and so much more, the working world is always changing.

For many people, these changes can be stressful, and sometimes very difficult. On the other hand, with change often comes opportunity. While some new technologies might make certain jobs obsolete, they also can create new jobs. Workers able to retrain and upgrade their skills

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How Does Online College Accreditation Work?

Online Education

Online education offers amazing opportunities to adults looking to take the next step in their careers. The flexibility and affordability of many online programs allow professionals to go back to school without quitting their jobs or sacrificing their personal lives.

However, not all online college programs truly offer the same educational value as a traditional on-campus program. When you’re researching an online education program, it’s important to verify that your school of choice is accredited.

What does college accreditation actually mean? An

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How an Online MBA Can Accelerate Your Career


An MBA has traditionally been the path for established professionals to take the next step in their careers. Earning an MBA gives you the business skills, leadership mindset, strategic framework, and networking opportunities needed to develop and grow as a professional.

However, for many working adults, earning an MBA can seem like an impossible task. The rising cost of business school and time commitment needed to complete a traditional MBA are often prohibitive. However, with the growth of the online education

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