Consumer Information

Patten University provides current and prospective students with “consumer information,” or vital information about the University, its practices, and the availability of financial aid. For your convenience, this information is provided below.

Financial Aid

Patten University has chosen NOT to participate in Federal and State Financial Aid programs (PELL, CAL Grant, etc.) because doing so significantly raises the cost of your education. Patten has chosen instead to lower the cost of attendance to a point where Patten students can pay for their education as they attend classes.

Arrangements for deferral of outstanding loans from other institutions can be made for transfer students who attend Patten University. Information on deferrals is available in the Financial Aid Office.

Institutional Information

See the University catalog for the following information: Withdrawal policy, Refund Policy, Return of Title IV Funds Policy, Programs and Accreditation information, Faculty listing, and Off-Campus Study.

Special Services for Disabled Students

Patten University offers accessible buildings, including a fully accessible residence hall. Special accommodations in the academic program are also available for students with special learning needs. For more information, please contact safety and security at 510-261-8500 or the Office of Student Experience.

Completion and Graduation Rates

Patten prides itself on excellent teaching, superb scholarship and an inclusive sense of community. These characteristics make a Patten education an experience that truly “changes lives.” For additional data, see the Quick Facts.

6 Year Graduation Rates (Bachelor) – By Transfer Credits
Student who entered in 2002 and graduated by 2008 Student who entered in 2003 and graduated by 2009 Student who entered in 2004 and graduated by 2010 Student who entered in 2005 and graduated by 2011 Student who entered in 2006 and graduated by 2012
Students who Transferred in: Less Than 30 Credits 30% 30% 23% 32% 30%
Students who Transferred in: 30 to 59 Credits 41% 41% 59% 56% 56%
Students who Transferred in: 60 or More Credits 83% 90% 90% 86% 88%
Total All Students 47% 58% 55% 46% 47%

*excludes students who did not complete the 12 credits necessary to matriculate.

Available Financial Assistance

A limited number of scholarship and Work/Study positions are available at Patten University. Applicants are also encouraged to seek grant opportunities from professional organizations or clubs in which they or their parents are members.

President’s Scholarship Program
Students studying on the campus of Patten University are invited to apply for a President’s Scholarship. This program provides support for tuition and fees and is need-based–requiring that applicants demonstrate the need for assistance. Information on the program is available in the Financial Aid Office or Office of the Registrar.

Terms of Loan Deferment and Cancellations

Information about Loan Deferments and Cancellations is available from the Patten University business office.

Campus Safety Information, Drug Free Schools and Communities

Patten University provides to all students, faculty and staff an Annual Security Report that includes information on crimes reported that have occurred on or near campus. The report also outlines institutional policies concerning campus safety, crime prevention, crime reporting, alcohol and other drugs, and sexual assault. You can request a copy of the report by calling 510-261-8500.

Disclosure of Student Information

Patten University limits disclosure of student information to what is known as Directory Information, or that information that would typically be found in a school directory. Please see the Privacy Policy that is available at for additional information. For specific questions, contact the Office of the Registrar at 510-261-8500 x7720.

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