Hannah Harrington

College professors are known for loving old books. But Patten University’s Dr. Hannah Harrington takes the study of old texts to the extreme – 2,000 years extreme. Harrington is an expert on the Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient texts discovered in the Qumran caves, an archaeological site in the West Bank about a mile inland from the Dead Sea.


David Kuby

Dr. David Kuby encourages life-long learning in his pschology and anthropology classes at Patten while giving back to the Oakland community at the Trinity Counseling Center.



Rick Abshier, M.B.A.

Assistant Professor, Management

Kathleen "Kae" Belgrade, Ph.D., Ed.D.

Professor, Psychology and Education

Yashica Crawford, Ph.D.

Program Chair, Psychology
Assistant Professor, Psychology

Karen Ensor, Ed.D.

Associate Dean, Education
Professor, Psychology and Sociology

Kathleen Fairbanks, J.D., Ph.D.

Professor, Management and Education

Donald W. Field, M.Ed.

Program Chair, Management
Assistant Professor, Management

Peter Francis, M.B.A.

Assistant Professor, Management

Hannah K. Harrington, Ph.D.

Department Chair, Religious Studies
Program Chair, Biblical Studies
Professor, Old Testament

William J. Harrington, M.A.

Assistant Professor, Music

Jennifer Handy, Ph.D.

Program Chair, Liberal Studies
Assistant Professor, English

Harry Hernandez, D.Min., Ed.D.

Program Chair, Pastoral Studies
Professor, Pastoral Studies

John Moncher, M.A.

Associate Professor, History and Biblical Studies

Marc Porter, Ph.D.

Department Chair, Management
Assistant Professor, Management

Abraham Antonio Ruelas, Ph.D.

Dean of Academics
Professor, Communication and Psychology

Rebecca Skaggs, Ph.D.

Priscilla Benham Chair, New Testament and Greek Professor, New Testament and Greek

Keith Wade, M.B.A.

Assistant Professor, Management