Honors Pathway

Honors-PathwayHonors Pathway is a unique offering whereby graduating high school seniors from our partner high schools can attend their freshman year of college for free at Patten University. The Honors Pathway program launched its pilot program in July 2017 and is currently accepting new school partners for 2019-2020 programs.

In addition to the full year of college tuition, Honors Pathway students receive free books, materials, school supplies and a laptop. Over the year, student will complete 10 freshman year college classes (30 credits). All classes are designed to be easily transferrable to future colleges. In addition to small classes and a multi-disciplinary weekly seminar, Honors Pathway students will also receive over 300 hours of tutoring and academic support.

Honors Pathway classes have an instructor-to-student ratio of 25 to 1, on average, and are taught by staff and faculty selected specifically for the program. The self-paced learning model allows students to take additional time where needed to complete classes successfully and avoid remedial classes in future college efforts.

To learn more about your school participating in the Honors Pathway program, please contact us at info@honorspathway.org.