Patten University’s International Pathway Program (IPP) is supported by local academic partners and designed to enable students to earn an Associate’s Degree (the first two years of US undergraduate studies) in their home country for up to $7,000 per academic year (prices vary by program and country). Students complete their undergraduate studies at a US campus-based university or college.

This program offers many unique and valuable benefits to international students and their families:

  • Students receive hands on academic support (including academic tutoring and English coaching) while earning an Associate’s Degree from Patten University.
  • With higher TOEFL scores and an Associate’s Degree from Patten University, students are much more competitive applicants to US campus-based schools.
  • By completing the first two years in-country, students reduce the total cost of their US degree by over $80,000 (USD), making earning a US degree much more affordable.

As part of the IPP, Patten and its local partners assist students with the process of transferring to a US campus-based school. Since Patten is accredited by WASC Senior Colleges and Universities Commission (WSCUC), a leading US accrediting agency, our students routinely transfer to colleges and universities across the United States, particularly in California.

Patten’s goal is to make quality, affordable higher education available to people everywhere. Individual international students are free to apply to Patten University under standard enrollment options or may be able to work directly with an agency in their home country. To learn more about the Pathways program or to locate a participating partner program in your region, please contact us at