Online Academic Assistance

Online students at Patten University are never alone. People are the core of our platform; our technology exists so our faculty can serve you better.

Course Instructors

Patten’s online Instructors are accomplished subject matter experts who are committed to their students’ success. We use a version of the “flipped classroom.” This means that material that would traditionally be included in lectures is put online, which enables Instructors to spend more time with students and to make that instruction time more personalized. Patten’s online Instructors act more like coaches or tutors than like traditional lecturers, who stand at the front of large classes and talk at students.

Within each course, collaborative learning takes place on nearly every page in the Links and Discussions area. These discussion function like the familiar discussion feeds on popular social networks. Students and instructors can post questions, share ideas, and mark one another’s answers as helpful.

Student Advisors

Student advisors are there for you throughout your degree program, and you will form a strong relationship with them as a result. The student advisor’s job is to help you set goals, follow your degree plan for each term, and understand university policies. Your student advisor will not help you directly with course material (that is the Instructors’ role), but can help you identify new study strategies, work plans, and methods to improve your grades. Your student advisor is easy to reach if you need anything. You can message through the platform, schedule a phone call, or chat when you see your student advisor online.

Peer Support

At Patten, we’ve designed our platform around student discussion. Classmates can meet, share, and clarify concepts to one another throughout the course discussion feeds. They may also contribute helpful links, videos, and activities from across the web to the course’s collection of Supplemental Resources.


The Registrar’s office offers academic support related to your degree plan credits. Registrars can help you transfer classes, add and drop, and plan around life circumstances that may arise.