Rebecca Skaggs, Ph.D.

Priscilla Benham Chair, New Testament and Greek
Professor, New Testament and Greek

(510) 530-8411


  • M.A., Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology
  • Ph.D., Drew University
  • M.A., Wheaton College
  • B.A., Holy Names University
  • B.S., Patten University


Dr. Rebecca Skaggs is the daughter of the founder of Patten University, Bebe Patten. She has seen the school through numerous changes, from its origins as a Bible institute to a regionally accredited university. Her dedicated research, study and teaching have helped to build Patten's academic credentials.

Dr. Skaggs’ areas of specialization include the New Testament (she is active in the International Greek New Testament Project) and the works of Soren Kierkegaard (an interest that dates back to her Master's thesis, “The Role of Reason and Faith in Aquinas and Kierkegaard”). In 2011, she presented to the Society of Biblical Literature on "Reason and Understanding in Relation to Kierkegaard’s Use of Scripture." The author of numerous articles and reviews, she also presents regularly at academic societies throughout the world.

Rebecca Skaggs’ books include: Commentary on Revelation (Deo Press, 2009), The World of the Early Church (Reprint) (Wipf and Stock, 2008), Commentary on 1st, 2nd Peter and Jude (Pilgrim Press, 2004) and The World of the Early Church (Edwin Mellen Press, 1990). She authored the chapter “Revelation 7: Three Critical Questions," in Imagery in the Apocalypse (Peter’s Press, 2011). Dr. Skaggs is a member of the Society for Biblical Literature, Society of Soren Kierkegaard, American Philosophical Association, and the International Greek New Testament Project. She is the Chairperson of “New Testament Texts & Traditions” at the Society for Biblical Literature, Pacific Coast Region. She plays violin and harp.