Since 1944, Patten University has earned an outstanding reputation for thoughtfully mentoring students within a faith-based tradition that values social justice, leadership, and service to the Oakland and greater San Francisco Bay Area communities.

In July 2012, Patten joined the family of accredited universities under the umbrella of parent company UniversityNow, an innovative social venture that is dedicated to making a college education affordable to all qualified students.

Through this transition, Patten University enters the next phase of its history: embracing innovation by adding online programs to complement its on-campus offerings, gaining additional resources from UniversityNow to support students, and expanding course offerings and degree programs with a secular approach that broadens Patten’s reach.

Patten University continues to uphold its solid values-based programs with the intention of motivating students to live as ethically responsible individuals in any profession they pursue. The long-standing foundation of humanistic values and emphasis on social justice are embedded across Patten’s academic and civic service programs.

This commitment to preparing students to pursue their academic and career goals — while helping them integrate social responsibility, leadership and community values into their lives — is fully consistent with the values of UniversityNow. The missions of the two organizations are complementary, and a meaningful reason why Patten University embraced the opportunity to join the UniversityNow Network, and why this move was supported by the community as well as the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

The mission of Patten University is to provide high quality, accessible, affordable undergraduate and graduate education that integrates leadership and service to inspire students to engage in community and global transformation. Leveraging UniversityNow’s innovative model allows Patten University to deliver an affordable quality education. To learn more, click here.

UniversityNow’s mission is to ensure that high quality post-secondary education is available to people everywhere. In order to accomplish its mission it is building a network of the most affordable and accessible universities in the world. UniversityNow was founded in response to the crisis in U.S. higher education that is characterized by skyrocketing tuition, more than $1 trillion in U.S. student loan debt, and millions of prospective students being turned away from public colleges and universities whose funding is being cut drastically.